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Medication Management Specialist

Mindful Behavioral Health PLLC

Board Certified Psychiatrists & TMS Specialists located in Boca Raton, FL

When treating mental health disorders, medications have a central role as they balance brain chemicals and help improve your symptoms. These potent medications also require ongoing medication management from the doctors at Mindful Behavioral Health PLLC in Boca Raton, Florida. During medication management appointments, your doctor protects your health by monitoring the drug’s effectiveness and potential side effects. To schedule an appointment, call the office or contact us online today.

Medication Management Q & A

What is medication management?

Treatment for a mental health disorder often combines psychotherapy with psychiatric medications. These medications balance brain chemicals that regulate emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. 

When you need psychiatric medicine, your doctor at Mindful Behavioral Health provides ongoing medication management, which means more than simply prescribing refills. It includes ongoing evaluations to ensure you’re taking the optimal dose and getting the best results.

How does medication management protect my health?

There are many classes of psychotropic medications, and every class contains numerous drugs that each work differently. Additionally, individuals metabolize and respond to each medication differently.

Part of medication management is teaching you about the medication you receive. Protecting your ongoing health requires medication management that continuously:

  • Evaluates the drug’s effectiveness
  • Monitors your health for side effects
  • Prescribes new meds and doses as needed
  • Orders blood tests as needed

With so many medications and variables, it can take time and some trial and error to find the right drug at the proper dose for you. That’s why you should see an expert in medication management for your psychiatric care. Your doctor at Mindful Behavioral Health may order genetic testing.

How does genetic testing support medication management?

The team at Mindful Behavioral Health uses the GeneSight® Psychotropic Test to analyze your DNA and how it affects medication metabolism. The test reports the way your body responds to psychiatric medications, including which medications pose a higher risk of side effects and those that are contraindicated for your genetics.

The GeneSight® test only requires a cheek swab. When the results come in, your doctor at Mindful Behavioral Health can shorten or eliminate trial and error by prescribing the best medication and dose for your DNA and metabolism.

What happens during a medication management appointment?

Your medication management appointments are at least 20 minutes in duration, depending on your needs. The doctors at Mindful Behavioral Health are experts in psychiatric medications and psychotherapy, so they understand your total experience and the challenges caused by your mental health disorder. They put their knowledge into action, as they assess your overall response to your medication and make decisions about the best treatment.

The team at Mindful Behavioral Health is here to help you with your medication management needs. You can be sure that at Mindful Behavioral Health, you will receive a personalized and comprehensive evaluation, the best evidence-based medication management, and complete support from the whole team. Because we provide multiple areas of care, we can help personalize your treatment to what best fits your needs. Our goal is to provide our patients with the best care for their overall mental and physical health. 

Prescriptions of controlled substances are highly regulated by the state of Florida; our providers follow all state rules for the prescriptions of these medications.

If you need medication management for psychiatric drugs, call Mindful Behavioral Health, or contact us online today.