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Corona virus (COVID-19) induced anxiety

Having anxiety is a normal part of the human experience, but every now and then anxiety can get the best of us and it can then become pathological.  Acute stressors like the corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic are closely associated with significant increases in anxiety symptoms, for people who already have anxiety this can be even more pronounced.  The main reason for this is that these type of events are associated with a feeling of loss of control and of uncertainty, these then lead to fear and to anxiety.  It is important to remember that anxiety and/or panic can be contagious just like the corona virus.  Because of this people who are prone to anxiety need to be aware of their anxious tendencies and modulate how they consume news and information, need to know what is really going on vs. the need to stimulate our brains with exciting information (for example hearing what people who are not experts have to say on the subject).

Thing to do in order to stay healthy from anxiety:

During the current moment of increased anxiety, corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, one of the most important thing though is to make sure that one is doing ones part to stay safe as well as to keep others safe.  Social distancing, washing ones hands correctly, making sure to cover ones mouth when one sneezes, avoid sick people and cleaning surfaces regularly are some examples of simple behaviors that can help minimize the chances of one getting sick.

For more information on the corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic please visit:

CDC COVID-19 website

Ivan E. Cichowicz, MD DABPN Dr. Cichowsicz is the Medical Director of Mindful Behavioral Health and he specializes in the treatment of treatment resistant depression.

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